Cosmetic Facial Surgery

cosmetic facial surgery

While corrective jaw surgery often helps with physical problems, many patients in and around Ogden seek out the services of an oral surgeon to improve their appearance. At the offices of Dr. Greg A. Roberts Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we perform a wide range of cosmetic facial surgery procedures to help patients achieve their goals of looking and feeling more self-confident.

Cosmetic Jaw Surgery

This type of dental surgery, also called genioplasty, repositions the jaw. A receding jaw — or weak chin — is a common reason patients come to our oral surgeon seeking cosmetic jaw surgery. The procedure entails moving the jawbone forward, placing an implant is in the chin, or sometimes both.

Other patients have complaints about their chin being too prominent. Chin reduction oral surgery produces the opposite effect, moving the jaw back.

V-Line Surgery

Mandibuloplasty, also known as V-line surgery, changes the shape of your face from a U to a V and is requested by both men and women.

With this type of oral surgery, the jaw is not moved, but parts are surgically removed or shaved down to achieve a narrower look to the bottom of the face. Depending on the natural contours of the jawbone and the patient’s goals, an implant may be added to achieve the desired chin shape.

Oral Surgery for Facial Asymmetry

Oral surgeons also perform jaw surgery to correct facial asymmetry. This can happen when the chin points more to the left or the right, or one side of the jaw is larger than the other. These asymmetries can be congenital defects or the result of an accident or injury.

Surgery for a Gummy Smile

While most people find a big, wide smile attractive, different factors can impact the look of the smile. We see many patients who want straighter, whiter teeth, but others have complaints, not about their teeth, but their gums.

Some people naturally reveal a lot of their gums when they smile, and it can be difficult or even impossible to consciously change the way you smile. Although there is no specific medical standard for what constitutes a gummy smile, if you are unhappy with how your smile looks, you may opt to get oral surgery to correct a gummy smile.

The procedure to correct this depends on the reason for the gummy smile and whether it is due to an issue with your teeth, gums, lips, or jaw.

Oral Surgeon for Cosmetic Facial Surgery

At Dr. Greg A. Roberts Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our oral surgeon offers many surgical procedures — plus Botox and filler injections — to improve patients’ appearance. Call our Ogden office today to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon to discuss the issue you want to improve and your options for cosmetic facial surgery.