Free Consultation

When new patients come in to our practice our first priority is to schedule a free consultation. This is a time when we can get to know you, you can ask questions, and we can figure out the best treatment plan for your needs. Here is what you can expect at your consultation.

Meet Your Surgical Team

We have the most skilled oral surgery team in Utah, and on your first visit you will get a chance to meet with the people who will be designing your treatment plan and performing the wisdom teeth removal in Salt Lake City or Ogden, or any other procedure that you need. We want you to be relaxed and comfortable when you arrive for your oral surgery, so this is your chance to ask questions and get answers related to your procedure.

Create a Treatment Plan

Oral surgery in Ogden comprises several different areas of specialty dental care, and the specific procedure(s) that you require will depend on your condition, your health, and several other factors. When we first meet for a consultation we will review your medical history and give you a comprehensive examination to identify precisely what you need. Next we will present all your options and help you understand the benefits and potential risks involved with each plan.

Discuss Financing and Payment Options

Once we know what you are planning for your oral surgery in Utah, we can help you estimate the cost of the procedure and review your options for payment. If you have private insurance we can work with your provider to determine whether and how much of the procedure is covered. If you don’t have insurance we can discuss all the options for payment and financing. We want to make your oral surgery in Salt Lake City as smooth and painless as possible by addressing questions and alleviating any concerns about paying for the procedure.