Oral Surgery in Salt Lake City & Ogden

As a new patient you probably have a lot of questions about oral surgery and your procedure. At the offices of Dr. Greg Roberts we are here to help you understand the basics of oral surgery in Salt Lake City and Ogden, and the details about which procedure(s) you will undergo as part of your treatment.

New Patient Consultation

We schedule a comprehensive initial consultation with all of our new patients who are thinking about oral surgery in Salt Lake City or Ogden. Whether you were referred by another provider or you found us on your own, we want to sit down and talk about all the options that you have, plus review your medical and oral health history.

In some cases you may be able to get treatment the same day as your consultation, depending on the complexity of care required, while in other cases you may need to schedule one or more follow-up appointments.

Oral Surgery Procedures

The American Dental Association classifies oral and maxillofacial surgery as one of the specialty areas of dental practice. Our focus is on diagnosing and correcting problems with the mouth, jaw, teeth, and bones in the facial area, particularly following trauma or to correct functional or esthetic problems.

Some of the general oral surgery procedures that we provide at our Salt Lake City and Ogden offices include: